Rental Q & A

Q:  How do I find available rentals with your company?

A:  Click the “Available Properties Tab” in header above.


Q:  I am looking to move into a rental at a future date several months from now. How can I find a rental?

A:  Renters usually provide a 30 day notice.  Managers do not know what is available 30+ days into the future in most cases.  It is best to look within a 30 day window from the planned move-in date for occupancy.


Q: How do I make an appointment to view?

A:  Please drive by the property of interest FIRST. It takes app. 25-40 minutes for a manager to drive out and show, and he/ she is happy to do so.  However, please make sure you have a firm interest in the location before calling 601.296.2001 to make an appointment.


Q:What is the application process?

A:  Our office requires an application for each adult residing in the property.  The application fee is $40 per applicant and includes a credit and criminal background check.  One month’s copy of paystubs or a salary commitment letter is required.  Current copies of driver’s license is also required.  You can complete an application in person at RE/MAX on 119 Mayfair Rd. or click here to apply online.


Q: What am I responsible for under my lease?

A:  Each lease is specific to the property.  For most houses, tenants are responsible for utilities and lawn maintenance.  Appliances vary in each property.  Most houses do not include washer/dryer.  For duplexes, usually lawn maintenance, trash pickup and appliances are included.  This is in general, so please ask specifics when inquiring about an advertised property.


Q: Can I pay online?

A:  Yes!  You can login to your portal for propertyware and make a one time payment or provide banking information to do a continuous monthly draft.  If you are an existing tenant, give the office a call at 601.602.0046. Please have immediate access to a computer or tablet at the time of the call so that you can verify receipt of portal access to your email.


Q:Do you accept credit card payments?

A: We do not accept card payment in the office, but you can pay with a card or connect a bank account online through your portal.


Q: I have money ready for a security deposit.  Will you hold the rental with a deposit?

A:  We typically do not hold a property for a date more than 2 weeks into the future.  A signed lease, as well as a security deposit, is required to hold property.


Q: When is rent due? How much are late fees?

A:  Rent is due on the 1st and is late as of 5 pm on the 5th of the month.  Late fees are clearly stated when you sign a lease and vary by property.  A late fee is automatically assessed  at 5 pm on the 5th in our rental software. Rent and late fees not paid by the 10th will be filed in Justice Court, resulting in an additional fees for court costs.  It is our policy not to waive late fees.  Owners have mortgages to pay.  If their loan is not paid on time, the lender does not waive the owner’s late fee.


Q: Do you accept pets?

A:  Property owners dictate whether or not a pet(s) is permitted.  Pet deposits are usually non-refundable and typically at lease $250.  Tenants are fully liable for all damages incurred by their pet.  In most circumstances, no more than 2 pets are permitted at a property.  If a property is advertised as NO PETS, then an owner has specifically dictated no pets.


Q: What happens if I break my lease?

A:  When you sign a lease it is a binding contract for a given period.  You are responsible for the full term of payment.  Any delinquent rents will be pursued in court unless an agreement is made between owner and tenant in writing to dissolve a lease early.


Q: Do you have a military clause?

A:  A military clause must be requested by a tenant in order to be included in a lease.  This clause must by approved by the owner and typically requires the military tenant to provide a copy of the orders and a 60 day notice